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Playoff 2019

In order for your child to have food on banquet day Sunday August 25th, you MUST pick up a ticket for them.   

Players and Coaches Tickets are Free

Last Day to pick up tickets will be Saturday August 17th

Banquet Takes Place between 10am - 3pm at the baseball diamond next door


PlayOff Schedule -- Tuesday August 20th - Sunday August 25th



** Due to Championship Day in other divisions no practice time scheduled before little kicker games
The schedule for Sunday will be updated on the website after 5pm on Sat Aug 24th
Sunday August 25th   Championship Games  
7:30 AM Blue Star vs Bob Grow Mart Atoms Consolation B
8:30 AM Red Timbits vs Purple Timbits Little Kickers Regular Season
9:00 AM St Davids Co-op Nursery vs Osborne Roofing Squirts Div 2 Consolation
9:30 AM MT Bellies vs Harpwood Trophies Atoms Consolation A
9:30 AM Forest Timbits vs Orange Timbits Little Kickers Regular Season
10:30 AM Charlies Chewlery vs MaxCorr Construction Rascals Consolation B
11:00 AM Mini War Gaming vs OnLine Electronics Squirts Div 1 Consolation
11:30 AM Mountainview Homes vs Phils Auto Service Mosquitoes Consolation
12:00 PM Virtual Niagara vs Vesuvius Rascals Consolation A
1:00 PM Rose City Pizza vs Yazz Cleaners Squirts Div 2 Championship
1:30 PM Bullzeye Renovations vs Bex Consulting Rascals Championship
2:00 PM Freshco vs Maximum Concrete Atoms Championship
3:00 PM Cool Licks vs The Legion Squirts Div 1 Championship
4:00 PM Winner from Monring Game vs Magnet Signs Mosquitoes Championship




2015 Meet and Greet
Osborne Roofing
Maximum Concrete Foundations
Harpwood Trophies
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