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Mid Season

Mid Season Tournament Results -- Sunday July 7th
Rascals   Squirts
Championship Game   Championship Game Div 1
Team Name Results   Team Name Results
Virtual Niagara Champions   Mini War Gaming Div 1 Champions
Bullzeye Renovations Finalists   Cool Licks Finalists
Consolation A   Consolation  Div 1
Team Name Results   Team Name Results
Bex Consulting Consolation A Champions   The Legion Div 1 Consolation Champions
Vesuvius Consolation A Finalists   OnLine Electronics Division 1 Consolation Finalists
Consolation B   Championship Game Div 2
Team Name Results   Team Name Results
Charlies Chewley Consolation B Champions   Osborne Roofing Div 2 Champions
MaxCorr Construction Consolation B Finalists   Rose City Pizzeria Finalists
      Consolation Div 2
Atoms   Team Name Results
Championship Game   Yazz Cleaners and Quick Stitch Div 2 Consolation Champions
Team Name Results   St Davids Co-op Nursery School Division 2 Consolation Finalists
Freshco Champions      
Harpwoods Trophies Finalists   Mosquitoes
Consolation A   Championship Game
Team Name Results   Team Name Results
Maximim Concrete Consolation A Champions   Magnet Signs Champions
Bob's Grow Mart Consolation A Finalists   Phils Auto Service Finalists
Consolation B   Consolation
Team Name Results   Team Name Results
MT Bellies  Consolation B Champions   Phils Auto Service Consolation Champions
Blue Star Consolation B Finalists   Mountainview Homes Consolation Finalists


2015 Meet and Greet
Maximum Concrete Foundations
Cool Licks Ice Cream Parlour
Phils Auto Service Inc
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